martes, 26 de octubre de 2010


GREEN TERRACES  THE  PROJECT  OF LIFE                                                                                                      
 1001 is working the academic process with UNAD  in the agro-line which we will guide the development of pedagogical productive  project.
with green terraces we contribute to environmental sustainability, food sovereignty, community organization and the formation of farmer groups that help the development of orchards, in order to produce various species rich Nitrite and to provide the posobilidad to have A varied and healthy for the benefit of the community and also the possibility of contributing to the project of life and college students.

1.Take a good learning of project for our future
2 we expect the crops out  to  a good product  in orther to sell the whole community in sample (the jam)
3 with this project we can get  a good  way to teach  others how  the  process  of  planting  is and everyone  in  your  house hold it and  enjoy  the  products  produced in our own  green terraces.

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